Naturally Occuring Phenomena

Here also is a response to the ESD Journal site September 22, 2001 from Melissa Georgio.

“ I encountered an invisible wall, but it felt more like a cushion which was vertical and got denser the farther I pushed on it. It lasted for about 30 secs and I could not walk through it. It happened at dusk in England during fog and high sunspot activity. I've been trying to explain it since. I am so glad some one else has experienced a "star trek" like force field and I hope you will encourage your engineers to perfect the effect instead of fixing it by decreasing static.”

We hope so too, Melissa. Unfortunately the trail has gone cold from this posting. If anyone can put us in touch with Melissa, we’d like to hear from her to find out what the humidity and biological conditions were that led to what appears to be a case of naturally occurring static charge. The activity of the sun has begun to be more effectively measured through looking at ‘sonic images’ and the effects have occasionally been profound on the electromagnetic activity on Earth.