24 Frames of Seperation

A set of performances for 24 Frames of Separation, (Art Shop, Brixton Hill, London, August 6th 2000), curated by Simon Hollington and Claire Taylor.

Invitation was made for pieces to be staged in front of the Art shop-front in Brixton Hill, each to be executed within and at least for a maximum of 5 minutes. The intention was to use the shop front as a frame and to produce a video / 24 photographs of the staged pieces by the 24 invited people with minimum waiting between each piece.

Artists were invited on the basis that their piece did not block the public footpath / thoroughfare and that it did not constitute a performance proper, that it should not cause either a public nuisance or interfere with the traffic, or do anything that could be described as having caused an accident, and that did not in any way deface the backing property (or at least if it did any of the above it had to be staged and removed very quickly).

hitch-hiking (to the Tate Modern) (Kypros Kyprianou)

A little piece of the future that got here early (Simon Hollington)

security and co-operation in Europe (The Unknown Comedian)


heaven born and ever bright (Simon Hollington)

24 Frames1024 Frames10

Invited artists:

Ana Laura Lopez de La Tour, Dan Goodwin, Jo Addison, Jim Freedlander, Efiie Gibson, Inma Otel / Snorkel, Polly Roush / MSDM, Adam Norton, Neil Chapman, Kyprs Kyprianou, Simon Hollington, Jonathan Cassels, Anna Best, Emily Druiff / EMCO, Jaimie Gill and MArta Marce, Claire Taylor, Francoise Rod and Ella Gibbs, Andi Elsner, Lucy Newman, The Unknown Comedian