The Olympic Torch

The Cultural Olympiad just keeps on giving.
The Olympic torch passed through Camden towards the end of its 8000+ mile trip around the UK.

We thought we'd make a short film in celebration.

Slow connection:


‘The Olympic Torch passed from sweaty palm to sweaty palm, as had the bribes and backhanders that secured the games in the first place.

Miscreants, criminals, government ministers, captains of industry, property developers; all the corrupt mendacious and self-serving slack jawed chancers formed a Charleston-line of blowhards to carry the torch throughout the nation.

Everywhere it went, crowds gathered and roared animal cheers as it burnt down hospitals and schools before both the libraries and the village halls fell to its voracious appetite for destruction.

And then on to the next town as the relentless relay of thugs, scoundrels, bankers, pocket lining councillors, Aldermen, thieves, police, security companies, snake-oil peddlers and inhumane corporate footpads passed the torch from bloody claw to bloody claw, razing all in its path as they did so, a scorched earth policy of heartlessly epic scope and of carnivorous evil grandeur.

Devastation and ruination ruled.

As the flames destroyed the homes of the many, they clearly illuminated and celebrated the elite capitalist temples of power, the banks, the loan sharks, the palaces, the churches, the sweat shops and the barracks, and yet the flames of demonic destruction somehow left them untouched.

‘For the many, England was ablaze, yet the few prospered. And those in power, remained in power. But not for long’.

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