No time like the present (a paper by Anson Fehross, Ian Lawson, Chris Degeling)

At the beginning of what would become ‘The Allenheads Findings’ we were talking with an old friend of ours, Chris Degeling. He teaches at The University of Sydney and being somewhat a fellow traveller we drank beer and discussed the science of time travel. This was during CERNs hunt for the Higgs Boson-so it was all rather on topic.

Anyhow, Chris, together with Anson Fehross and Ian Lawson decided to write a paper on the ethics of time travel. And it's attached here.

It’s starting point is this.

If we received a message from the future (which is still theoretically possible) telling us that something we are doing now is screwing up people in the future-what would be the correct ethical response-to act or ignore?

Well the answer is more complex than you think- give it a read- it’s a page-turner.

Dr. Degeling's link is here , just in case you think he is another of our made up characters. I mean some of you still don’t believe in John Titor.

Or even Lucas Parkes.

No time like the present - FINAL.pdf255.59 KB