What a Carve Up!

What a Carve Up! (or The Official 2012 Jubilant Olympic Show Where Everything Must Go)

The relationship between pubs and radical discourse is a well documented one - particularly in London. After sessions working on Das Kapital at the British Library, Karl Marx would often go for a snifter at the Museum Tavern in Russell Street - he was also fond of ‘beer trips’ that went from Oxford Street to Hampstead. Anarchists too, have a history of supping with brio, the Class War motto of ‘beer first, business later’ being a clear statement of intent for the countless meetings held in pubs by radicals of all hues to plot sedition and revolution.

Hollington and Kyprianou invite you to continue in this fine tradition, and consider a radical past or possible future in ‘What a Carve Up!’ in which the Jubilee, the Olympics, the economy and Europe are all treated to their customary glass-half-empty gaze.

Private view: 22nd June 6pm-9pm
Public House Projects, 62 Gowlett Road (above the Gowlett pub), Peckham SE15 4HY.

For further info visit Public House Projects