Towards A Disarmament of Theatrical Cinematography (after Vertov)

Towards a Disarmament is a piece of live or 'direct cinema'. 3 cctv cameras and a video switcher are connected to a clock. The clock doesn't so much tell the time (it wavers back and forth over a second), as tell the pace and instruct the live, machine-ordained cut.

With a nod to Vertov and his rally cry against the lazy institutional mode of representation so loved of the thriller genre best represented by countless James Bond style countdowns, this mini-thriller, devoid of actors circles round three cuts to the metronomic beat showing the clock, the abandoned suitcase and the phone, all placed around the cctv/film-making equipment.

The moment of release never comes, the clear dramatic arc going nowhere, programmed to continue as an endless realtime loop, with only the occassional hand or leg of the audience drifting into shot, reconnecting the 'film' with the construction that it sits inside.

Installation documentation

Live video feed version