'Pidgin' was shot from the visitors gallery of the Empire State building in 2001 and is overlaid with text from the Communist Manifesto's chapter on world trade. It has been shown as a projection with the soundtrack played from outside the building in the exhibition where It was, shall I be… curated by Gulsen Bal at Keciburcu/Diyarbakir, and Depo, Findikli, Istanbul, Turkey. It has also been shown at MiArt, Milan 2004.

This exhibition, took place in Keçiburcu, formally a Byzantine basilica in the city walls of Diyarbakir (south-eastern Turkey).

Ian Padgett: "Pidgin' follows structuralist filmmaking emerging at a point where urban critique driven by Marx’s “Manifesto” meets wildlife observation."

By confronting geographical, political, social and cultural standpoint within a single “cultural specific situation” the response and/or challenge involved bringing forward issues of identity or identification of territory and “imaginary geographies” to reflect “cultural site-specific realities.”

Participating artists: Cengiz Tekin, Charles Kriel, Dilek Winchester, Elena Cologni, Genco Gülan, Gülsen Bal, Kypros Kyprianou & Simon Hollington, Michalis Kokkoliadis and Turan Aksoy

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