Last Transmission

Clip of the cctv output from week 3

In three weeks time was an exhibition spanning three weekends. The invited artists have been asked to produce new works addressing specific periods of time. This consideration of time is heightened further by a set of criteria which limit the time-frame for production available to the artists.

Using collage, digital projections and mixed media installations the artists will produce work responding either to the week immediately preceding the exhibition, or to that week's events historically. Inevitably, the time constraints on the artists and the pressure this puts them under will lead to an urgency, rawness and immediacy reflected in each of the three weekend shows.

Our contribution to the show was:Last Transmission

Week 1: On the hour every hour

Last Transmission 1Last Transmission 1

Digital and analogue radios are both tuned to radio 4. The signals between the two radios suffer a 2 second delay due to the processing time of the digital radio. On the hour every hour the radio 4 pips echo out of synch.

Week 2: Greenwich meantime

A cctv camera and monitor were added to the first weeks setup. The live cctv image showing the viewer approaching the space was delayed by the same amount as the radios (2 seconds)

Week 3: This Is The Week That Was

Added to this setup for week three we introduced a video switcher playing back the previous weeks recording plus the time delayed live cctv image just to add to the confusion.

Invited artists: Jo Addison, Mark Beasley, Tom Dale, Simon Hollington, Chris Jones, Kypros Kyprianou Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen, Andrew Marsh, Duncan Pickstock