Outer Worlds

Ham in spacesuitHam in spacesuit

Simon is showing work as part of Outer Worlds

The Contemporary Art Society has been invited by Deloitte to curate a series of exhibitions for their Luxembourg office. In thinking about this global company, the broad theme of how artists examine the world started to take shape, developing into a focus on three separate themes - ‘Urban Worlds’, ‘Inner Worlds’, and this, the first of the series ‘Outer Worlds’

30.11.2010 - 5.1.2011

560 rue de Neudorf L-2220 Luxembourg

Artists: Guy Allott, Geneviève Biwer, Ruth Blesi, Tobias Collier, Paul Fryer, Adam Fuss, Simon Hollington, Heather & Ivan Morison, Cornelia Parker, Troika, Walker & Bromwich