These weblogs, together with the regular press releases formed a 'back-story' to the Invisible Force Field Experiments residency.

We were asked by Artsway to produce an artists weblog (this was in 2003). I didn't know anything other than the self explanatory name, so I looked on a search engine for other artists weblogs. What I found didn't inspire much; 'Had a lovely day in the studio...so and so popped in for a cup of tea....saw a marvellous exhibition...blah blah.'

Simon and I decided that if were going to explore this as part of the residency, then we may as well make some use of it, so we decided that our postings would become a part of the 'in-character' nature of the project. We hit upon the idea of individual postings, that, when read side by side, would give diverging viewpoints as to exactly what was going on. The weblogs are 'based on fact', but use fiction to illuminate the facts.

The weblogs were originally posted on scansite.org